What Was One Result Of Johnsons Great Society Initiatives?


Medicare and Medicaid became legislation when Johnson was elected President and the Democrats seized control of Congress in 1964. Medicare funded hospital and physician charges for those who qualified, while Medicaid covered healthcare expenditures for those who received government monetary help.

Similarly, What was a major result of President Johnson’s Great Society quizlet?

Explanation: Johnson backed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which safeguarded voting rights, desegregated all public facilities, and established the Equal Opportunity Commission to defend work prospects.

Also, it is asked, What were the major goals of Johnson’s Great Society How successful were they quizlet?

What were the main objectives of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society? What was their level of success? Poverty and racial inequality were the key objectives. It was a failure because they did not last.

Secondly, What was the goal of Johnson’s Great Society quizlet?

Lyndon B. Johnson’s goal for America was the Great Society, which required an end to poverty, racial injustice, and equal opportunity for all children.

Also, Which of the following group was intended to benefit the most from the Great Society programs?

Which groups were the Great Society initiatives supposed to help the most? Minorities and the underprivileged are two groups that are often overlooked.

People also ask, What was the result of the Great Society reforms quizlet?

The eradication of poverty and racial injustice were two major aims of the Great Society social reforms. The National Origins Formula, which had been in existence in the US since the Emergency Quota Act, was repealed.

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Which of the following was a result of Great Society programs?

Medicare, Medicaid, the Older Americans Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 were all created as a result of Johnson’s Great Society initiatives. In 2021, all of these will still be government initiatives.

What was one effect of the Great Society programs quizlet?

The Great Society initiatives resulted in a lower infant mortality rate and the passage of the Social Security Act of 1965, which authorized Medicare.

What was the effect of the Great Society programs quizlet?

It established a slew of social initiatives to aid the needy. Standards for air and water purity were supported. a federal law that prohibits the use of misleading or unfair packaging or labeling on certain consumer items.

What did the Great Society accomplish quizlet?

Discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin was illegal in public places and in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was established as a result of it.

What was the Great Society and how did it change society?

President Lyndon B. Johnson led an ambitious sequence of policy initiatives, legislation, and programs with the major aims of alleviating poverty, lowering crime, eliminating inequality, and improving the environment. President Lyndon B. Johnson was elected in May 1964.

What did Johnson do in the Great Society?

In January 1965, Johnson presented Congress with the Great Society program, which included education aid, disease prevention, Medicare, urban renewal, beautification, conservation, development of depressed regions, a broad-based fight against poverty, crime and delinquency control, and the removal of barriers to the.

Which statement best summarizes the result of the Great Society programs quizlet?

This collection of terms includes (10) Which of the following statements best describes the outcome of the Great Society programs? Some programs were successful, while others were not.

What was the impact of the Great Society?

Johnson’s Great Society created cutting-edge legislation such as the Equal Opportunity Act, Medicare, Medicaid, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965), the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Higher Education Act, Head Start, and more by utilizing a variety of task forces made up of experts.

Was Johnson’s Great Society successful?

Following the landmark victories of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Great Society initiatives fundamentally altered the American economic landscape, propelling the nation toward greater equality and opportunity for all of its residents.

Who benefited from the Great Society programs?

Lyndon B. Johnson’s great society was established to assist those in need. Persons in poor, the elderly, and people who were victims of racial injustice were among those he assisted.

How did the great society change America quizlet?

By altering healthcare, environmental, immigration, and education regulations, Johnson’s Great Society initiatives helped to alleviate poverty.

Which of the following most accurately describes a result of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs?

The executive privilege has been expanded. Which of these BEST describes an effect of Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” initiatives? For the first time in history, federal anti-poverty measures were implemented.

What were the Great Society programs quizlet?

Medicare and Medicaid were the Great Society’s two most important initiatives.

What did President Johnson do as a result of the March quizlet?

President Lyndon B. Johnson, enraged, went on national television to criticize the police conduct and encourage Congress to adopt voting rights legislation. As a consequence, in August of 1965, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was approved.

What was one effect of the Great Society programs Edgenuity?

What was one of the Great Society’s effects? The rate of newborn mortality has dropped.

What did the Great Society programs do?

President Lyndon B. Johnson used the word at a commencement speech at Ohio University in 1964, and it came to embody his domestic agenda. The fundamental objective was to eradicate poverty and racial injustice completely.

How did the war affect Johnson’s Great Society quizlet?

What impact did the war have on Johnson’s Great Society? President Lyndon B. Johnson had to curtail expenditures for his Great Society in order to pay for the war, and an increasing percentage of Americans no longer believed what he said.

What did the Great Society accomplish Apush?

It offered free nursery schools to help underprivileged children prepare for kindergarten. Under Johnson’s Great Society, what role did the Job Corps and Upward Bound play? Young people were trained and employed as a result of their efforts.

How did the great society change the role of the federal government?

Explanation: The Great Society continued the transformation begun by FDR’s New Deal in the 1930s. It increased the federal government’s participation in the economy and society. It also attempted to alleviate poverty by contrasting with the previous system’s typical market economy.

How did the great society affect the economy?

The Great Society addressed some of the New Deal’s unfinished business, such as assisting minorities, the poor, the elderly, and the ill. But it also pioneered the use of government as a tool for improving the economy’s efficiency, fairness, and accountability.

What were President Johnson’s most significant contributions to American society?

Poll fees, literacy tests, and other methods of preventing Southern blacks from voting were prohibited by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. These two acts, taken together, were the most extensive civil rights legislation ever enacted, and they were a crowning accomplishment of Johnson’s administration.

What were the purposes and strategies of Johnson’s Great Society programs quizlet?

What were the goals and methods of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society initiatives? The Great Society initiatives offered health care to the poor and old, as well as investing in education and urban development. This is noteworthy since these initiatives significantly increased the federal government’s authority.

In what areas did the Great Society have a positive impact quizlet?

This enabled the economy to expand, consumers to spend more, tax revenues to rise, and the federal budget deficit to shrink. Youth initiatives, anti-poverty measures, small company loans, and job training are all funded by this statute. VISTA, Project Headstart, and the Community Action Program were all founded as a result of it.

Which part of Johnson’s Great Society programs remains controversial today quizlet?

Which of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society policies is still divisive today? public education. increased. What happened to the federal budget between 1960 and 1968?

How did the Great Society Change African American communities quizlet?

What was the impact of the Great Society on African-American communities? It aided in the development of a black middle class. After President Johnson’s executive order in 1965, how did most big firms see affirmative action?


The “which statement best summarizes the result of the great society programs?” is a question that was asked by a user. The answer to this question would be that the Great Society programs led to an increase in poverty and racial discrimination.

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