Is National Society Of High School Scholars A Scam?

NSHSS is a recognized honor society that has been in existence since 2002. The group was founded by James Lewis and Claes Nobel, a member of the Nobel Prize family, so that Mr. Claes Nobel could honor his family’s history by honoring the bright young minds who will lead the world in the future.

Similarly, Is the National Society of High School Scholars worth it?

Yes, NSHSS is worthwhile since the advantages extend beyond high school and college. So, if you’re ready to DO YOUR PART and benefit from all NSHSS has to offer, we’d like to welcome you to the NSHSS family!

Also, it is asked, Do colleges recognize the National Society of High School Scholars?

There are four possible responses. This honors club is commonly considered as a ruse, and it has been the subject of several jokes on various college application threads and groups. Because of the society’s reputation, even if there are certain (though low/average) prerequisites to join, it is unlikely to aid you at all.

Secondly, Why did I get a letter from the National Society of High School Scholars?

NSHSS, unfortunately, is a bit of a rip-off. Although it is a legal organization, it sends invites to tens of thousands of high school students based on a highly generous PSAT/SAT cutoff and attempts to persuade them to pay money for membership.

Also, Is it hard to get into the National Society of High School Scholars?

Getting into the National Society of High School Scholars might be difficult. This is to guarantee that our organization maintains high standards and that those who join are actual academics. Students who make an effort to join and engage, on the other hand, are delighted they did.

People also ask, How selective is the National Society of High School Scholars?

We may choose students who we consider are eligible to receive an invitation. Members must be in high school and must satisfy ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: A cumulative GPA of 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or better is required (or equivalent such as 88 on a 100-point scale) A SAT score of 1280 or better is required.

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Why does NSHSS cost?

The National Student Honor Society makes it clear that membership is dependent on the individual student, not the institution. Because it is an individual membership, their benefits continue when they graduate from high school, through college, and beyond. The NSHSS is not a free organization, and a lifetime membership costs $75 for students.

What do NSHSS ambassadors do?

Ambassadors are in charge of informing existing and potential members on how to get the most out of their membership in the Society by using social media and their school network. This award is given by NSHSS to our high school students.

How do I get a waiver for NSHSS?

To comply with these requirements, a family must complete the partial fee waiver form and attach the necessary papers. Please return these things to the headquarters via mail, postmarked by the date on your confirmation card. Print the Partial Fee Waiver Request Forms Packet after downloading it.

Is National Society of High School Scholars the same as NHS?

In comparison to the NHS, the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) was created in 2002 by Claes Nobel and James Lewis.

How do you get invited to NSHSS?

How To Get An NSHSS Invitation Nominate yourself by contacting a teacher. Request a nomination from a reputable teacher, counselor, or high school administrator. You’ve been nominated by an educator. Request that a high school teacher fill out the simple online nomination form. Make a search for your envelope.

Is NHS an honor or activity?

National Honor Society (NHS) should be included in the Activities section in general, particularly if you made a significant contribution to the group, whether via leadership, community service, or other means.

Is honor society the same as National Honor Society?

Honor Society membership is a nationally recognized recognition that comes with special benefits worth much more than dues, ensuring that members get the most out of their participation. We work independently and apart from universities and other honor societies as a nationwide organization.

Is National Honor Society a big deal?

The NHS isn’t the most elite club, but it is highly regarded and speaks to a student’s academic achievement, community participation, leadership abilities, and general good character. The more engaged a student is in the National Honor Society, the more rewards they will get from their participation.

Is NSHSS national or international?

The National Organization of High School Scholars, or NSHSS, is a prestigious intellectual honor society dedicated to honoring and helping the top students in over 26,000 high schools in 170 countries. The criteria for membership are based on academic achievement and are among the most stringent in the country.

What GPA do you need for NSHSS?

3.5 GPA on a scale of one to ten

Is it too late to join National Honors Society?

Do you have any application deadlines for the National Honor Society? Each chapter sets its own deadlines for applying to their local NHS chapter. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are the only ones that may apply.

Can I cancel my NSHSS membership?

Your subscription may be canceled at any time. However, you must cancel your subscription within 60 days of the day it was completed to obtain a refund.

Does NHS look good on college apps?

Members of the NHS are held responsible for fulfilling service hours, which looks fantastic on a college application or résumé.

What type of organization is National Honor Society?

a global organization

How do I know if honor society is legitimate?

A true honor society is proud of all of the young men and women who have contributed to the organization’s success. Check to see if they have any social media connections, how engaged their members are (nationally or worldwide), and whether they have any campus events, community service days, or other similar activities.

Is honor society worth joining?

Honor Society org is a true honor society with innumerable advantages for a very modest and acceptable fee, in my view, and I believe it is worth joining.” Although there is no evidence that these YouTubers were paid to advertise the Honor Society Foundation, each have over 100,000 followers.

Should I pay to join an honor society?

It will cost you money to join an honor society. The membership price for most national honor societies is at least $50, with many reaching $100. Also, see whether the charge is for a lifetime membership or an annual fee. For example, Honor Society charges a minimum of $65 per six months.

What are the benefits of being in the National Honor Society?

NHS provides: Help with college admissions and financial aid preparation for students and parents via member-only information and tools such as webinars, virtual events, and scholarship search. The widely recognized NHS Scholarship program may help make the goal of higher study a reality.

How do you put National Honor Society on a resume?

Professional experience should usually come first, followed by any honor societies, organizations, or programs. Make a distinct section for your leadership honor society experience, and make sure you allow enough area to highlight your duties and talents.

How many people are invited to NSHSS each year?

The NSHSS in a Nutshell Every year, over 100,000 new students enroll. Unless there is a difficulty, joining usually costs $60.

What does a silver tassel mean?

Silver. Graduates with oratory, veterinary science, and other medical science degrees are identified by silver graduation cords. It’s also utilized in agricultural, business administration, and physics departments on occasion. Silver is a hue that represents elegance, generosity, optimism, and sensitivity.

What side does the tassel go on before graduation?

right-hand side

Does NSHSS give refunds?

POLICY OF REFUND. Only select products returned to NSHSS within 30 days of original purchase and in the same condition as received will be refunded. If things are returned after 30 days, we will not accept them or offer a refund.

What GPA do you need to get into NHS?

Students must have a cumulative GPA of 85, B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or similar degree of excellence, according to national norms.

Why should you join NHS?

Being a member of the National Honor Society demonstrates that you are among the finest students in your class in terms of academics, leadership, service, and character. It demonstrates your dedication to community service initiatives and allows you to network with like-minded colleagues.


The “is the national society of high school scholars a big deal” is a question that many people are asking. The answer to the question is yes, but it’s not as big of a deal as you might think.

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