Is Dead Poets Society Sad?

Similarly, Does Dead Poets Society make you cry?

Dead Poets Society is the ONE movie that makes me cry like a baby every time I see it. Even when I’m aware of what’s about to happen. I remember laying in my bed, curled up into a ball, weeping for a full 30 minutes the first time I saw this movie.

Also, it is asked, Can an 11 year old watch Dead Poets Society?

Only older adolescents should see this complicated, violent film.

Secondly, Can a 12 year old watch Dead Poets Society?

The film “Dead Poets Society” is fantastic, but it is also stressful. I’d give it a PG-13 rating. Parents should assess if their children are mature enough to cope with the portrayal of suicide and the events that lead up to it for the individual in question. Parents should, hopefully, think about how they regard and treat their own children.

Also, Should I watch Dead Poets Society?

Dead Poets Society is a definite must-watch, as well as a must-re-watch, no matter how much it makes us weep. Aside from social criticism, it makes important remarks on sexism, friendship, youth, and education.

People also ask, How old are the characters in Dead Poets Society?

While the majority of the actors was between the ages of 18 and 20, putting them in close proximity to the characters’ ages, Gale Hansen (Charlie Dalton) was the oldest at 29 years old.

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What grade are they in in Dead Poets Society?

The lads in the Dead Poets Society are juniors or in the eleventh grade. This is shown in the narrative when Nolan assigns extracurricular activities to them.

Does Dead Poets Society have a happy ending?

The song triumphantly rises as several of the lads follow suit. Despite the fact that some of our characters do not have happy endings, Mr. Keating grins and praises them. They’ve showed him that they’ve learnt something from him, and it’s a major lesson: don’t comply.

Is Mr. Keating responsible for Neil’s death?

Neil Perry was not killed by Keating. He’s also not exclusively to blame for Neil’s death. He did, however, miss the mark in terms of understanding his effect on his sons and accurately assessing their needs and challenges. Just as Mr. needed a break from convention and the chance to think for himself, the boys needed it as well.

How are students portrayed in Dead Poets Society?

What is the movie’s portrayal of students like? The pupils are portrayed as responsible and conservative students at the start of the film. Neil Perry, one of the pupils in the film, is presented as a student who strives to impress his parents. Neil’s roommate, Todd Anderson, is a quiet and timid young man.

Who was to blame for Neil’s death?

Mr Perry had never met his son. Many viewers, however, feel Neil’s father, Mr Perry, is the true perpetrator of his son’s murder. Mr Perry kills his kid because he feels compelled to exert control over his son’s life. Mr Perry is unaware of his own kid due to a lack of communication skills.

Why was Mr. Keating fired?

Dean Nolan forced the kids to sign a letter terminating Keating’s employment. The children objected, but they didn’t have an option. Mr. Keating was not only a popular instructor of the students, but also a friend.

How is Neil Perry a tragic hero?

Overall, Neil Perry is a terrible illustration of how Keating’s love of freedom and creativity can go horribly wrong—Neil is possibly more rebellious than Keating himself, to the point of sacrificing his own life for his convictions.

Why is Todd so shy in Dead Poets Society?

He is the youngest of his family, and he has a lot of pressure on him because of his brother’s achievements at Welton, where he was Valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar. Todd was also a shy person. Without appearing nervous, he couldn’t talk to anybody in authority, even answering questions in class.

Why is it called Dead Poets Society?

Why don’t they simply refer to themselves as the Poets Society? Isn’t it a tad morbid to include the word “dead”? Yes, but it’s done on purpose to be morbid. It’s all about comprehending their own mortality and the importance of enjoying life to the fullest while they still have the opportunity.

What play did Neil want to audition for?

Neil’s ambition has always been to be an actor, as seen by his portrayal of Puck in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. To get Neil into Welton, Mr. Perry describes “pulling a lot of threads.”

Is there a Dead Poets Society 2?

Because of Robin Williams’ terrible death, a Hollywood project that had been generating a lot of attention in recent months—a sequel to Dead Poets Society—has been put on hold. We were able to get our hands on a page of the script when it was still in the early phases of creation. What is the genre? Apparently, horror

Is the Dead Poets Society movie better than the book?

The film was made in 1989, but the book was not published until 1996. There is a lot of information in the movie that is missing from the book. When you see the movie, you can really get a sense of a character’s personality, but the book doesn’t go into great detail about all of them.

How is Mr Keating different from other teachers?

Mr. Keating encourages his pupils to think of English and poetry as more than just a boring academic topic. Mr. Keating’s unusual thoughts are used to refute Welton Academy’s four pillars and to symbolize progressive concepts that were rejected in 1950s England.

What caused Neil’s death?

Neil was unable to defend himself in front of his father and explain his interest in acting. Neil commits himself in order to regain control of his life. Neil’s sole option for seizing the day and wresting power from Mr. was to commit suicide.

Why does Neil lie to Mr. Keating?

Nothing could free him from his father’s enslavement. Neil attempted to rescue himself by lying to Mr. Keating about speaking with his father, knowing full well that Mr. Keating was aware of his deception. Neil wished for Keating to intervene, but he recognized that no one could help him from his current situation.

What is Mr. Keating’s advice to Neil?

Stay loyal to yourself,” Keating advises Neil. Neil lying to his father is something Keating dislikes since it is both deceitful and self-deceptive (Neil would be tricking himself into temporarily forgetting about his father instead of trying to make things better in the long term).

Who shows up at the play that surprises Neil?

He persuades her to accompany him to Neil’s performance, offering to leave her alone afterward if she would trust him. Neil surprises his buddies in the crowd by appearing on stage as Puck during the performance. As Knox and Chris arrive late and locate their seats, he recreates a scenario from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Why does Mr. Keating want to be called Captain?

“O! Captain!” Keating requests that his pupils address him. “My captain!” exclaims Keating, implying that he is more than simply a teacher for the students—as we’ll see—he is also a leader, mentor, and father figure.

Is John Keating a good teacher?

Is Keating an excellent English teacher? Yes, in my perspective, since he demonstrates how much he loves about his pupils and his enthusiasm for teaching by example rather than by book. Mr. Keating encourages his kids to be more self-reliant and enthusiastic about what they want to achieve or be.

Is Welton Academy a real school?

Welton Academy, the fictitious Vermont prep school in the film, was based on a Nashville prep school Schulman attended as a youngster.

What does Neil crown of thorns symbolize?

The crown of flowers, like the “crown of thorns,” has come to symbolize hardship and sacrifice, and it alludes to Neil’s willingness to give his life for the sake of art and beauty.

What is Neil Perry’s tragic flaw?

Hamartia. A tragic fault that leads to the hero’s demise. Because of his father, Neil recognizes that he will never be able to make his own judgments. As a result, he believes that suicide is his only option.

What does Neil’s father tell him?

The Society of Dead Poets Neil Perry’s father, Perry, learns about his son’s involvement in a play via a dinner companion, but when he locates his son, he informs him that he is not permitted to attend the performance since he went behind his son’s back.


“Dead Poets Society” is a film about the life of poet Keats and his struggle with depression. The film has received mixed reviews, with some people saying it was sad and others saying it wasn’t.

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